White Paper

InsurTech – Sparks Digital Industry Transformation

Opening Opportunities for Insurers to Capitalize on New Technologies.


Executive Summary

Digital transformation has dramatically disrupted a number of businesses across horizontal and vertical markets, spanning both business-to-business and business-to-consumer models. The telecommunications, healthcare, and financial services industries have seen adoption and significant changes as a result of digital transformation, but until recently the insurance industry has not been deeply drawn into the transformational vortex.

Today, however, the emergence of a host of InsurTech startups is quietly gaining the attention of the industry. These fast-moving, digitally enabled startups are identifying and capitalizing on the weaknesses of traditional insurers with highly inventive value propositions for consumers. As a result, the entire industry is re-examining those areas in which weaknesses are evident and exploring innovative opportunities driven by new technologies. As a part of this process, insurers are rediscovering an essential truth: the need to provide genuine consumer value as a fundamental driver of business success.