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Enable Your App With the Power of Telematics Data

Enable Your App with the Power of Telematics Data

You already understand the value of collecting data on your customers. Critical to any program is the speed and efficiency at which you can get to market to make it happen. However, building a successful app-based program from the ground-up is often very time and resource intensive, expensive and can overwhelm existing resources with the number of new technical hurdles and obstacles to address. And, offering yet another app for yet another program, or to simply collect data, does not provide the best experience for your users.

Is there a way to take advantage of the expertise of a market leader to build your own bespoke application?

Is there a way to integrate cutting-edge data collection capabilities into your existing in-market application?


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How Does it Work?

By integrating into either native iOS or Android apps, the IMS One App SDK detects trips using a variety of techniques and sends location data back to the IMS servers for processing. Trip details are available at the end of every journey with a behavioral-based score for the driver.

The One App SDK encapsulates all sensor data within the IMS DriveSync platform allowing presentation of mixed sensor data to be presented through your app. Additionally, your existing app can access and configure all of the features of the SDK to deliver a rich set of use cases for the end user and all stakeholders.

How Does it Work?


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Onlia Sense - Telematics SDK Case Study

Case Study

Onlia Sense – Telematics SDK Case Study


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