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The most scalable and secure cloud platform enabling the delivery of increasingly converged solutions across insurance, mobility, and governments.

Future-Proof Your Strategy with the
IMS DriveSync® Platform

Meet IMS DriveSync® platform: Its ultimate purpose and mission is to enable driving across the world to be safer, smarter and fairer for all. In doing so, the IMS DriveSync® platform turns driving downtime into a more rewarding and valued set of experiences – while ensuring safety remains at the core at all times.

The cloud-based IMS DriveSync® platform is designed to improve the safety on our roads today while simultaneously addressing the efficiency and environmental aspects of transportation. The design philosophy focused on the driver and not the machine, influences everything from the simplicity and transparency of data acquisition through to the advanced soft-computing techniques used to analyze driving behavior and intuitively deliver actionable coaching and rewards to the driver with safety as the highest priority.

IMS DriveSync® has received industry acclaim for its ability to offer customers a data source-agnostic, multi-device strategy for service provision versus a single focused technology approach. IMS’ platform-oriented approach drives more revenue and ARPU by future-proofing investments so you can target specific segments or your entire customer base with different services at the same time.

We work closely with you in choosing the right technologies to adopt to ensure you achieve your growth goals and potential. We make the whole process of a successful launch as simple and easy as possible.


Key Features

  • Cloud native AWS PaaS services

  • Fully data source agnostic through the IMS Vehicle Data Exchange

  • Event driven serverless technology

  • Highly scalable to millions of connected devices

  • Designed for fault tolerance

  • Multi-tenant environment

  • Deployed regionally

  • Automation around testing and deployments

  • Full API suite for headless implementations

  • Continuous delivery

Key Benefits

  • Easily configure and add-on any DriveSync-based service to your existing in-market program

  • Future-proof your technology investment

  • Secure delivering peace of mind

  • Ultra low-cost

Seamlessly Enabling Telematics Services

Using the latest serverless, event driven cloud technology, the IMS DriveSync® platform is able to scale effortlessly to millions of connections, achieving incredibly low processing and storage costs.

The mature and versatile IMS DriveSync® platform not only enhances the driving experience, it also enables a wide range of valuable services such as usage-based insurance, mileage-based, connected claims, distracted driving detection, and dynamic road charging services. These services are configured and deployed using the same flexible, modular, and adaptive framework. All leverage machine-learning to ensure the platform seamlessly adapts after deployment to meet the diverse and growing needs of drivers, their families, insurance carriers, governments and everyone reliant on modern transportation networks and infrastructure.

How it Works

Data is collected in real time, from our own apps and
devices as well as third-party sources.

Data is ingested, analyzed, standardized and enriched through the
IMS Vehicle Data Exchange – the data agnostic ingestion layer of IMS DriveSync®.

We combine data, services and deep industry expertise to deliver
enterprise solutions to insurers, mobility operators and governments.

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