About IMS


Meet our Leadership team – a collaborative team with direct industry experience and proven technology know-how ready to also assist your organization in achieving successful program outcomes. Our Leadership team consists of globally recognized industry veterans with experience across claims, program management, business case planning, sensor technology, data science and more. Meet the Leaders behind our People-Powered Technology.

Executive Group

Nick Corrie

Executive Chairman

Paul Stacy

Chief Executive Officer

Ivan Bumstead

Chief Financial Officer

Bob Skerrett

Chief Customer and Operations Officer

Nik Southworth

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Brown-Allan

Executive Vice President, Growth (EMEA)

Alan Cottrill

Managing Director, Mobility

David Lukens

Senior Vice President, North America

Ed Rochfort

Senior Vice President, Product

Elizabeth McFarlane

HR Director

Senior Leadership Team

Ben Borzetsky

Commercial Director Europe

Nicola Buffery

Head of Financial Operations

Steve Cotton

Commercial Director

Ben Dailey

Senior Vice President, Customer Success

Peter Finch

Chief Information Officer

Brian Halk

Senior Director, Marketing

James Hulsken

Group General Counsel

Simon Limbrick

Account Director

Scott McIntosh

Head of Process and Automation

Jason Middleton

Technical Director

Ben Miners

Chief Innovation Scientist

Carl Reid

Head of Platform Engineering

Nick Street

Head of Quality and Claims

Chris Townsend

Head of Software Engineering

Dave Turnock

Sales & Commerical Director - Mobility

Graham Turner

Head of SVR Operations

Alex Wheeler

Chief Data Officer

Lee Wright

IT Director

Romain Zamora

Senior Product Manager