Transforming the Auto Insurance Customer Experience with Engagement as the Product Focus


Watch industry leaders from Nationwide, Confianza, Mutual Capital Analytics, and our very own Deke Phillips, VP Sales, Americas, and Ed Rochfort, Chief Product Officer, as they lead the discussion and share invaluable insights into the world of auto insurance. Discover innovative strategies to optimize policyholder Lifetime Value (LTV) and unlock the true potential of customer engagement.

In this video, the panel dives deep into the significance of streamlining business processes, from underwriting to claims, and the impact it has on end users, specifically policyholders. Discover the pressing challenge of app fatigue among policyholders, where B2C apps in sub-optimal programs were often deleted within a mere six days. Learn how leveraging cutting-edge technology can enhance policyholder retention, increase lifetime value, and overcome the competition for attention. Uncover the secrets to improving the overall customer experience in the ever-evolving auto insurance landscape.

IMS Panel at ITC Vegas 2023 Conference Overview:                                                        

  • Understand how to fully leverage app-based rewards and dynamic messaging to increase auto insurance policyholder Life Time Value (LTV)
  • Uncover new ways you can test, learn, iterate and get new motor propositions to market quickly with the latest SDK and API tools
  • Learn how to optimize your telematics driver enrollment funnel from registration to activation and risk scoring
  • Explore real-world case studies and successes of top global auto insurers