Using Emerging Driving Data Analytics to Price Policyholders for Maximum Profitability


Watch industry leaders from Werner Advisory, LexisNexis, Rivian, LeadCloud, and our very own David Lukens, SVP, North America and a key member of the IMS team, take a deep dive into the latest advancements in dynamic risk segmentation at the Point of Marketing and Quote.

During the IMS panel discussion, we explore how driving data can be utilized in insurance to enhance customer value propositions and accurately predict pricing, addressing the profitability challenges in the auto insurance marketplace. David Lukens emphasizes that while connected cars are expected to provide valuable data, the inconsistent data from auto manufacturers may present a hurdle. That’s why IMS is collaborating with LexisNexis to ensure a consistent scoring process throughout the entire customer journey, from lead generation data to telematics components for pricing and engagement. He explains the importance of maintaining consistency and accuracy to avoid confusion for consumers, who should not be bounced between different pricing applications for different data sources.

IMS Panel at ITC Vegas 2023 Conference Overview:                                                     

  • Learn about the latest innovations in dynamic risk segmentation at Point of Marketing and Point of Quote
  • Discover how to use a single normalized driver risk score from both connected car and mobile phone data
  • Leverage driver and vehicle risk scoring in new ways across the policyholder continuum
  • Hear from insurers who are leveraging these technologies in market