Case Study: How to succeed scaling connected insurance propositions to the mass market (On-Demand Webinar)

IMS on-demand webinar featuring special guests LexisNexis and Aviva


In North America, UBI and connected insurance programs are largely opt-in, discount-focused innovation projects targeted only at a niche subset of the insurer’s portfolio. Post pandemic realities and increasing inflationary pressures continue to accelerate broad consumer appetite for data-driven connected insurance propositions across the globe.

Consumers are seeking more control over the premiums they pay, and the insurance experience they receive. Do you have a connected insurance strategy in place?

Watch experts from Aviva, a leader in connected insurance and an early pioneer for mass market connected insurance, and LexisNexis, a pioneer in normalizing and scoring data at massive scale from multiple data sources, including direct from OEMs share their insights.

In this exclusive on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How auto insurers are managing the current situation with mass market connected insurance propositions
  • Connected insurance strategies at play in UK and Europe that provide ideas for what is possible in the US market
  • How you can leverage your existing investments in your existing policyholder app and mobile app-based technologies to offer ROI across the entire value chain