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We embrace your unique business needs to maximize outcomes

At IMS, we don’t do cookie-cutter solutions. As your partner, we provide tailored, hands-on support to meet your strategic objectives.

  • Enjoy a flexible purchasing, commercial and contracting process.

  • Modify your program over time to suit your changing requirements.

  • Add new services, optimize existing programs, and explore fresh options as you go.



We help you to meet your needs as an insurer - as well as those of your end users.

Having run our own direct-to-consumer digital insurance business for over a decade, we know that insurance isn’t a static sector. That’s why we future-proof our technology and roadmap to guarantee success for the long haul.

  • Your one-stop shop for all data collection needs thanks to our sensor agnostic platform.

  • The ability to adjust and fine-tune your analytics and insights to extract true insights from captured data.

  • A roadmap for the future of connected insurance technology from aFNOL, connected claims, and new engagement and rewarding techniques, and beyond.



We provide fully customizable and personalizable solutions

Whether you’re looking to configure a standalone app, or embed the IMS One App SDK into your existing service, or optimize an existing in-market telematics program, we’ve got you covered!

  • Choose from a range of data collection sources.

  • Configure app and portal interfaces to deliver a unique customer experience.

  • Select the means to coach and communicate with drivers.

  • Configure scoring to map to driver behavior and actuarial levels.

  • Add or build new services or components to enrich your program.



We have a proven track record of delivering solid program outcomes

Partnerships are built on trust and transparency, and we’re committed to acting in the best interests of your insurance business and your users.

  • Our tried and proven B2C digital insurance experience is reflected in programs that genuinely solve challenges – not just for your business, but for the industry at large.

  • Our team consists of globally recognized insurance veterans with experience across claims, program management, business case planning, sensor technology, data science and more.

  • As a leading connected insurance partner, we own the industry’s most critical patents, including critical global mobile telematics patents - this ensures your decisions are covered, and your investments are safe without risks.


See what global insurers have to say about IMS

The product [IMS Connected Claims] is a massive help for us when handling a claim whereby we have a liability dispute, mistaken identity, and even low-speed impact cases. We have successfully used the data to repudiate fraudulent claims, make quicker liability decisions, and work claims more effectively.

Getting to market quickly is one thing. Getting to market with a telematics solution that is reliable and has all the components we needed for building Onlia Sense is another thing. The IMS SDK gave us both.

Through our relationship with IMS, we are helping fleet managers get the commercial insurance telematics solution they want and need with features and functionality that will have direct improvements on fleet management and driver safety, while helping them potentially save money in the process.

Safe-driving policyholders gain value from both rewards and premium reductions and, in turn, insurers can apply telematics data to business decision-making and enhance communications with policyholders—a winning combination.

Telematics is fundamentally shifting the way personal automobile insurance is rated and underwritten. But creating an engaging program that is easy for members to use and understand takes thought and effort. We’re pleased to

During a time of uncertainty, SmartMiles is successfully giving our customers the ability to control their auto insurance expenses with personalized pricing. IMS has enabled us to look at, not only miles-driven, but also to factor in driving behavior – an industry first for policyholders.

This is a ground breaking opportunity for telematics-motor insurance in Vietnam and we are very excited to be pioneering the new OPES insurance app in partnership with IMS after a successful trial. Not only are we excited to join the motor insurance market with this innovative, new product but we also want to help promote and build a safe driving culture among Vietnamese drivers to help reduce the accident rate in the long run.

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