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Best Value For Technology Investment

With increasing demands on road infrastructure and dwindling fuel taxes from fuel-efficient vehicles (electric and hybrid vehicles), governments are now investing in road charging programs. The challenge has always been in creating a sustainable but fair system for collecting revenues and implementing a system quickly and economically, while not adding to traffic congestion during peak periods. As a leader in secure, scalable and compliant road usage charging technology, IMS has established a sustainable, accurate and cost-effective road charging program that offers governments, partners and drivers confidence in exploring alternative revenue opportunities to help fund transportation infrastructure projects.


The Future of Road Pricing


Road Usage Charging – How to Bring Fairness and Sustainability to Transportation Funding


IMS Road Charging Intelligence


Comparing Smartphone, Tag, OBD, Black Box, and OEM Embedded Devices


Reduce Infrastructure Cost and Improve Your Revenue

Our unique, in-vehicle system uses existing cell phone towers and is scalable – it can be used for one to ten roads, or across an entire country, and can set charging parameters based on zones, mileage, peak hours or type of vehicle. Powered by the IMS DriveSync® platform, our solution is fully expandable to include an entire suite of IMS telematics services like traffic information, roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics and more. And that could mean enhanced revenue to fund your future infrastructure improvements. So investigate the better alternative to road charging, and partner with IMS today.

Key Benefits

  • Service Business

    ✓ Revenue to replace dwindling fuel taxes
    ✓ Reduced congestion during peak periods
    ✓ Cost-effective, simplified approach with no gantries
    ✓ Quick, turnkey implementation

  • Benefits for Wireless Carriers

    ✓ Additional revenue from existing cell towers
    ✓ New subscriber base with built-in or plugged-in options
    ✓ Opportunity to increase ARPU by offering premium services to drivers

  • Benefits for Vehicle Owners, Fleet Managers and Drivers

    ✓ Fair road charging based on actual road use
    ✓ Reduced congestion during peak periods
    ✓ Easy-to-use technology

Key Features

  • ✓ Software-based solution using existing cell towers

  • ✓ Zone, mileage and time of day charging options with adjustable parameters

  • ✓ Online portal for vehicle owners, fleet managers and drivers

  • ✓ Revenue-generating, add-in services available

Why Are Governments Choosing IMS Road Usage Charging Intelligence?

IMS is the proven global leader in road usage charging services. Here are the facts:

North America's 1st Road Usage Charge Program

First road usage charge program in North America powered by IMS:

  • Oregon Department of Transportation program OReGO – powering the sole Oregon Account Manager (OAM) and also one of two Commercial Account Managers (CAM)
Large-scale Road Usage Charging

All large-scale road-usage charging programs to launch across North America using IMS’ services, including:

  • Oregon OAM 2015+
  • Oregon CAM 2017+
  • California RCPP 2016-2017
  • Washington State (WA RUC) 2018
  • Utah’s Road Usage Charge 2020
Interstate Interoperability

First company to support interstate interoperability:

  • From 2016-2017 delivering invoices for participants travel between Oregon and California.
International Interoperability

First company to deliver international interoperability – across the Canada / US border:

  • Washington to British Columbia, Canada via WA RUC
Private Road Differentiation

First service provider to deploy a private road differentiation solution, excluding private roads from road usage charges using high precision vehicle travel information:

  • From 2016-2017 in California
Support for All Available Data Collection

First and only service provider to enable support for all available data collection options in one government program:

  • Providing all five data collection options for WA RUC
Most Flexibility and Diversity of Technology and Data Collection Options

Most flexibility and diversity of technology and data collection options available to participating governments:

  • Smartphone data collection
  • Smartphone odometer capture (supporting pre- or post-pay solutions)
  • Embedded OEM telematics
  • OBD2 with location
  • OBD2 without location
  • Third-party telematics service providers

Download IMS Road Usage Charging Intelligence Facts as PDF

Telematics Learnings to Enable Road Usage Charging Successes (On-Demand Webinar)

Enabling fair and sustainable transportation funding is important for all road users. Fortunately, many of the challenges toward large-scale road usage charging have also been encountered, and resolved, in parallel applications within the broader mobility and insurance telematics ecosystem.

In this session, learn more about the usage of telematics in other related industries and their relevance in the growth of successful road usage charging deployments:

  • What are some of the key learnings from successful applications of telematics, such as in mobility and insurance telematics deployments?
  • What are the best practices for data management in other industries?
  • How is interoperability and standardization addressed?
  • Where do technologies and data collection options fit in the overall solution?

Successful road usage charging policies rely on well thought out systems and data – this session will help prepare you for the future with applied learnings that will ensure the best usage of telematics in RUC deployments.

RUC & CiTTi Americas Conference Speaker: Dr. Ben Miners, Chief Innovation Scientist – IMS

Connected Car and Telematics Data Security

IMS delivers a strong IT value proposition that enables IT leaders to confidently deploy connected car services and solutions and create new revenue streams and programs. The foundation of the IMS service platform is based on end-to-end security, integrity of collected data, and information availability.

IMS solutions meet strict IT requirements for our customers including:

  • End-to-End security: End-to-end policy and process to ensure secure management of client data.
  • Data collection integrity: Checks and balances in place to identify anomalies and avoid data corruption.
  • Information availability: High availability, loading balancing, and internal redundancy resulting in high levels of system uptime and ensuring that clients of IMS (and the client’s customers) have access to their data when they want it.

IMS Road Charging Intelligence

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