White Paper

Mobile Telematics Essentials: A Fundamental Guide for Auto Insurers

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Executive Summary

Mobile insurance telematics technology has progressed rapidly in a few short years, powered by the increasing capabilities of smartphones, a deeper understanding and availability of data linking driver behavior to accident levels, and the combined ubiquity and low cost of capturing driving data.

This white paper explores the technology, highlights the business benefits and best case usage of data collected by smartphones, and guides you toward a path of adoption and implementation, providing a sense of what the journey is like and how it can yield solid business outcomes.

Four basic topics are discussed:

  1. An Overview of Mobile Telematics
  2. The Top 5 Best Practices for Mobile Telematics Success
  3. Fundamentals of Implementing and Launching Mobile Telematics Programs
  4. Top Criteria for Selecting a Mobile Telematics Vendor

By the end of this document, you should have a solid understanding of mobile telematics technology and the information you need to select a partner and move forward with a mobile telematics proposition.