IMS Engagement Toolset

Providing the proven tools you need to engage users to make your telematics proposition work – where policyholders and insurers both win!

Drive Deeper Loyalty and Enhance Your Business Performance

Frequency of engagement is one of the key elements that has been missing from many telematics programs. Forward-looking insurers are increasingly recognizing that frequent, high-value engagement—as often as daily—can be combined with other incentives to accelerate the adoption of telematics programs.

The tools and techniques for successful engagement can be the hidden key to unlocking the full range of opportunities provided by telematics programs and attracting drivers who respond to incentives with genuine value. Through responsive, regular communication with policyholders and the right mix of engagement modes, insurers can break down the barriers to wider adoption of telematics-based UBI programs and increase their market share.

Does your insurance telematics program drive the necessary on-going behavioral modification that results in:

  • Lower claims costs,
  • Double digit COR improvements,
  • On-going customer retention and
  • Better overall revenue and profit for your business?


Don’t Bet on Inexperience

If done wrong, engagement and rewards programs will just become a significant cost to your program.

Only IMS has solved this widely acknowledged industry challenge, along with the data and experience to back it up.

Increased engagement with your brand

Improved behavioral scoring across your targeted portfolio

Up to double-digit loss ratio improvement

Increased policyholder retention

Measurable ROI with program budgeting and KPI reporting

Engagement Toolsets and Features


The toolset will be available as a managed service via IMS, or through a self-service portal, where customers can configure, combine and customize multi-layered messaging and rewards campaigns themselves.


IMS’ award-winning solution through which carriers have full control over how rewards are earned, distributed and fulfilled, offering end-to-end digital interaction.


The capability to deploy tailored, data-driven messaging on a one-to-all, one-to-many and even one-to-one basis.


The distribution of static and rich-media educational content, triggered by telematics behavioral data.


The option of setting up leagues, leaderboards, achievement milestones and badge systems to further enrich engagement efforts.

The Only Tried and Proven Reward and Engagement Platform in Market

Work with IMS to achieve these similar outcomes as realized through 10 years of B2C experience running a direct to consumer insurance company:

56% of customers check their scores daily and 88% of customers check their scores weekly resulting in 39% less likely to have an accident.

50% of customers check their speed regularly (a leading cause of crashes). 54% check their cornering and braking score regularly.

1-2% premium investment in rewards enabling an estimated 7% COB program benefit. 1.7% premium investment in rewards enabling 3x return on investment through claims loss ratios improvements.

Data Sheet

IMS Engagement Toolset

Case Study

Carrot Insurance – Rewards Program Case Study

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