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Connecting cars and driving change

IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions) is a vehicle and driving data business, delivering enterprise solutions to over 350 customers including mobility operators, insurers and governments.

A Global Company With a Unique Offering

IMS is an established global leader in vehicle connectivity and actionable data insights, serving some of the world’s leading insurers, mobility operators, vehicle OEMs and governments across multiple countries.

Our proven, award-winning technology platform, IMS DriveSync, offers unparalleled access to vehicle and driving data, bridging the past, present and future thanks to its unique capabilities to connect all vehicles – from older pick-up trucks to the concept cars of tomorrow.

With our focus on making driving safer, smarter and greener, IMS DriveSync now lies at the center of a wider ecosystem that includes the development of smart cities, smart cars and autonomous vehicles.

IMS DriveSync® Platform

The most scalable and secure cloud platform enabling the delivery of increasingly converged solutions across insurance, mobility, and governments.

IMS is the only technology partner with direct-to-consumer insurance expertise having run a successful insurance arm in the UK. This has enabled us with a real-world test bed for our technologies and products, enabling us to prove, refine and optimize the effectiveness of our solutions before we offer them to the markets and customers we serve.

Driven by innovation and collaborating with numerous academic institutions, we now have nearly 150 connected car patents to our name. Along with being ISO 27000 compliant and certified in the UK, we are also members of ITS America, ITS Canada, the CVTA and ngConnect.

Our strength is our people, and our success with technology is based on our industry experience and proven successes with customers – what we refer to as our People-Powered Technology.

At IMS, we have a very inclusive approach to the creation, delivery and commercialization of our technology. The engine of our solution delivery is comprised of diversity in ethnicity and gender helping fuel better outcomes based on our inclusive approach to decision-making. The best solutions come from the intersection of different ideas.

Some insights from our Waterloo R&D center:

  • 50%

    total ethnic diversity

  • 33%

    total gender diversity

  • 62%

    of Engineering is ethnically diverse

  • 30%

    of Engineering is gender diverse

Powering successful connected insurance programs for the world’s leading insurers

Committed to Our Shareholders

Our commitment to long-term success, vision, and values have made us a global leader in the insurance and mobility industry.

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