White Paper

The 5 Top Qualities to Look for in a Leading Telematics Partner And the Top Reasons You May Need to Reconsider Your Current TSP


A successful telematics program should be more than simply collecting and presenting driving data and a driver score. The highest quality telematics programs are built from a solid understanding of the auto insurance industry and a deep grounding in both the enabling technologies and the understanding and know-how to truly engage and motivate drivers to adopt safer driving behaviors.

In today’s volatile economic climate, many insurers are re-evaluating the worth of their telematics program, but afraid that by switching providers they will lose all their work in obtaining data and need to start over. Not so. The real differentiators between telematics partners become clear when considering their range of capabilities. Certain qualities distinguish partners who can offer mediocre programs from those that are truly outstanding and can obtain business objectives—and more.

This white paper explores:

1. Top-notch TSPs offer configurable and adaptive scoring
2. The TSP offers flexible contract terms and adjustable pricing models suitable for your business needs.
3. An internal team is available to work with you to optimize the program over time.
4. TSP supports multiple data collection techniques.
5. A quality TSP can help you fully optimize your end user engagement.