Mobile App Development Framework

IMS One App mobile development framework

Ensure a truly engaging brand experience that stands apart from the rest.

Worldwide, telematics programs have gained significant traction in both insurance and mobility markets with the COVID-19 crisis accelerating user adoption. In fact, the top global insurers have insurance telematics programs in market with more personalized approaches to pricing surging in popularity thanks to consumer demand for usage-based and mileage-based propositions. In mobility, rental vehicle and car sharing organizations are quick to bolster new user experiences by leveraging telematics data to better engage customers in more virtual and touchless environments.

The race is on to go-to-market with high-quality experiences that users are demanding.

How are you able to drive brand differentiation and engagement when the majority of in-market offerings consist of mobile app user interfaces that look and function identically to your competitors?

How is it possible to get to market in a timely fashion when bespoke brand differentiation results in a significant delay and unbearable costs for go-to-market?

Create a High-Quality Bespoke Experience Without the Bespoke Cost or Time!

IMS One App enables you to build your app experience for serious engagement – not just display.

Choose Your Mobile Telematics Path: SDK or New Standalone App

IMS One App is an all-inclusive mobile telematics framework providing you with options in deploying mobile telematics to your users:



For organizations looking to embed telematics in your existing app – meaning users continue to benefit from one app to download.


New Standalone App

For businesses without a mobile app or those that require a dedicated new app for their proposition.

Faster time to market with lower cost

Reduced customer support calls and end user troubleshooting

Improved user engagement and adoption

Industry's most configurable brand differentiation and user experience

Configuration Options:

IMS One App Sets a New Industry Expectation

Proposition Type: IMS One App tailors and configures the proposition and outcomes you are seeking , while also enabling you to evolve an existing proposition with ease.

Sensor Type: OBD, Smartphone, tag (IMS Wedge) or Black Box – the One App framework configures to your data collection sensor of choice.

Functionality Configuration: Engagement and Rewards setup, core Features, Scoring type, Branding Options, UI Navigation and more.

UI Configuration: Text content, UI logic, Data Visualization templates, Color Values – define new options for in-market programs without the need for a new app release and app approval hurdles.

Dashboard Configuration: Warning Banner, Dial Array and Core Presentation Layer.


Configuration Case Study

IMS One App configures, tailors, and personalizes engagement to each user experience, even evolving over time. For example, at the outset users can be guided with personalized onboarding and set-up content, which then gives way to behavioral coaching, rewards and other incentives to promote safer driving. In the event of a collision being detected or claim being reported, the app will automatically promote content that guides the user on how to remain safe at the scene, and capture detail that will support the resolution process.

Featuring the Dynamic Cards System

The industry’s only Dynamic Cards system enables your app’s feature set and messaging to evolve at each step of the customer journey with full control over your app’s functionality, interface design, content and messaging.

Dynamic Cards enables plug-and-play content of any format, from video to text or graphically rich content to be displayed at the right relevant time to ensure user engagement.



Title Section

> optional
> custom string


Progress Section

> custom string
> custom no. of items


CTA Section

> optional
> custom string
> custom destination

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IMS One App Mobile Development Framework

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