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The World Has Changed Including Your Policyholders’ Needs for Insurance

Due to the recent pandemic, more relaxed corporate policies around work-from-home are resulting in a direct decrease in miles driven – a phenomenon that is here to stay. The net effect – an immediate surge in popularity of usage-based and mileage-based insurance programs as policyholders demand more control over their insurance and the premiums they pay.

According to the Accenture Global Insurance Consumer Study, 73% now express interest in this model!

In order to drive demand for insurance products that offer greater value, build trust with policyholders and provide rich, engaging experiences, it is essential for you to offer more personalized insurance programs and services to your policyholders.

Mileage-based insurance programs, often referred to as Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD), are regaining traction with insurers who are looking not only to compete, but thrive, in developing innovative insurance telematics offerings in a mature market with the backdrop of an emerging post-pandemic environment. Telematics-based mileage programs offer auto insurers a number of benefits, including:

quick to implement
Quick to implement

offer more transparency
Offer more transparency

Provide policyholders with personalized insurance options for insurance

Policy protection
Increase policyholder retention

Encourage safer driving through behavior-based coaching and value-added services

Imagine if you could get to market with a mileage-based proposition just in 1 month.

Fully Configurable

Only IMS enables you to fully differentiate your mileage-based proposition by providing you with full control on how your policyholders pay, and are charged, per mile.

On-Demand – users can pre-purchase mileage, top-up and budget their driving as they go with the ability to also adjust the cost per mile based on usage and behavioral factors.

On demand

Driving Behavior – charge less per trip for safe driving and more for trips displaying high-risk behavior.

Driving Behavior

Location – adjust the amount paid per trip, depending on the type of road and area vehicles are being driven.


Time of Day – provide incentives for policyholders to drive at less risky times of the day and more for late night and rush hours.

Time of Day

Increased Customer Loyalty

Try Per Mile goes beyond standard mileage to enable you increase customer loyalty and stickiness through direct access to vehicle health information to keep your users safe.

Vehicle Health

Vehicle health

DTC Status

Vehicle Status

Battery Level

Vehicle Health

No Risk, No Cost Trial

See how easy it is to get up and running with a mileage-based proposition in 1 month.

Test ride it for yourself using Try Per Mile, which includes:

Up to 5 Self-Install OBD Devices


Driver App

Driver app

Driver Portal

Driver Portal

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