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IMS Road Charging Intelligence

Cost-effective road charging program without the burden of building expensive gantries.


With increasing demands on road infrastructure and dwindling fuel tax revenue, government organizations are adopting innovative road usage charging programs.

As a leader in telematics and intelligent transportation systems, IMS, has established a cost-effective road charging program without the burden of building toll booths, road sign structures and other expensive road tolling infrastructure. IMS’ unique invehicle system uses existing cell phone towers and is fully scalable – it can be used for one road, across an entire country and can set charging parameters including road type, zones, mileage, peak hours or type of vehicle.

Powered by the DriveSync® connected car platform, IMS Road Charging Intelligence is fully expandable to include an entire suite of telematics and connected car services, including driver coaching, roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics, remote emissions monitoring and more. Road usage charging services provide revenue to fund your future road infrastructure improvements, safer roads and a sustainable option tried and tested for today’s drivers.