White Paper

Road Usage Charging – How to Bring Fairness and Sustainability to Transportation Funding

A Promising Future for Transportation Networks using Telematics Data.


The question of how to pay for the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, and surface transportation systems has traditionally been answered through fuel taxes, toll booths, and special fees paid by drivers. Globally, however, these methods of funding no longer meet the needs of the government agencies and organizations responsible for ensuring well-maintained roadways and supporting infrastructures, creating a serious gap in funding that requires rethinking the basic premises behind how to charge for use of the road and build a sustainable model for the future as the types of vehicles, the driving patterns of individuals, and the roads and highways require ongoing maintenance and repair. Although the underlying conditions are different in various regions, as exemplified across the US, the UK and Europe, the regional challenges encountered can often be addressed through the application of telematics data capture and use. Programs based on a pay-per-mile basis for drivers are springing up worldwide and achieving notable successes.