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Mobile Insurance Telematics

Mobile telematics is one of the many diverse technology options for data collection supported by IMS’ analyst-acclaimed and award-winning DriveSync® connected car platform. In contrast to vendors only offering single-point technology solutions for data collection, IMS’ platform approach offers insurers multiple options for in-vehicle data collection to help them segment and target their book of business with technology options best suited for specific participants.

Mobile insurance telematics and driver behavioral analytics presents a unique opportunity to transform the insurance telematics and usage-based insurance market by leveraging smartphone technology already broadly adopted by consumers, to cost-effectively collect driving behavior data, lower loss ratios and accelerate customer growth with an interface and user experience that engage consumers more frequently improving your customer retention.

IMS Mobile Insurance Telematics – Features and Benefits

For insurers, IMS Mobile Insurance Telematics makes collecting driving data quick, easy and cost efficient. In turn, policyholders are provided with a variety of in-app services that make for frequent use of in-app functionality with a host of intelligent features, making usage easy and increasing overall user engagement.

Safety Scoring Options

Enables insurers to create customized scoring while keeping the policyholder’s safety front and center. Available scoring variables include: Acceleration, Braking and Pay as You Drive (Time of Day, Day of Week and Distance). Scoring variables enable insurers to determine driver behavior risk, while policyholders receive coaching and feedback that help improve driver behavior; thereby, helping to reduce overall accidents and claims. Safety scores are also used to assess driver risk and provide drivers with discounts as rewards in usage-based insurance programs. Drivers also have the option to view their Safety Score Trend and Statistics to get insights on how they are improving over time.


Enables drivers to view their driving score against other drivers and compete to be the safest driver. Drivers can choose to compete with all drivers in the same digital insurance program, or can create private leaderboards to offer personalized challenges and friendly competition to friends and family. Many insurers tie leaderboard activity to IMS rewards programs, such as prizes, contests and sweepstakes.

Reward Badges

Generate driving challenges with associated reward badges to incent safe driving behavior. For example, incentivize safer winter driving with a seasonal challenge that focuses on speed limits and braking to earn a limited-time reward.

  • Auto Trip Start & Stop

    Includes automatic trip start and stop detection to ensure the amount of driving data is maximized by not requiring end user intervention.

  • Intelligent Driver Detection

    Leverages machine learning to determine whether a recorded trip was taken by the passenger or driver; thereby, ensuring the right engagement with the correct policyholder for driver behavior coaching and feedback. Intelligent Driver Detection leverages patented driver-fingerprint technology to automatically determine who drove – so insurers can rest assured that they are getting the correct driving data needed for driver rating.

  • Intelligent Transport Detection

    Knows whether a recorded trip was taken in an insured vehicle, on public transportation or using other transportation means. This automatically eliminates trips that should not be included for scoring and coaching purposes – with no user effort required. This feature includes automatic trip start and stop detection to ensure the amount of driving data is maximized while never requiring driver intervention. Drivers remain focused on the right driving behavior scoring feedback, while insurers are provided with the confidence of accurate trip scoring and the correct driving data needed for driver rating.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Offers support for multiple languages to enable insurers to launch programs and engage policyholders in different parts of the world.

  • Intelligent Push Notifications

    Provides an automatic push notifications to drivers when trips have not been processed and for changes to discounts and refunds, ensuring timely user engagement. Insurers no longer have to be faced with intensive manual work to communicate with program users for the same information.

  • Secondary Driver Option

    Gives policyholders the flexibility of viewing the driving data of secondary drivers (e.g. teen drivers) under their policy to help influence safer driving behavior. Insurers also benefit from the ability to design differentiated programs based on this feature targeted at new segments, such as multi-driver families, new driver programs and car sharing.

  • Distracted Driving Detection and Subscore

    Detects distracted behaviors, including time, duration and even distraction severity level of smartphone usage while driving. The information is displayed to the driver, for distracted driving coaching and safety awareness purposes, along with a distracted driving score, with the goal of reducing driving behaviors that affect the frequency and magnitude of accidents.

  • Wi-Fi Only Uploads

    Includes a user setting to restrict data uploads to use a Wi-Fi connection only, eliminating the need for a data plan. Wi-Fi only uploads also ease concerns about data usage by providing a mechanism to prevent data uploads via cellular connection.


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