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16 September 2021

National Coding Week – Meet Thara!


For National Coding Week in the UK, we asked members of our global team some questions that we think give a great insight into what really excites them and what they are looking to achieve.


Today we are speaking to Thara Sundaravardhan who is a DevOps Engineer.

Can you tell me what got you interested in coding? 

The satisfaction of overcoming the challenges that come with coding makes me feel very empowered. Coding also pushes me outside of my comfort zone in a good way and makes me a better problem solver. 


Can you tell me what you feel your greatest achievement is? 

One of my achievements during my time here at IMS was transitioning into my current role as DevOps engineer. With a background in development and testing, I have always aspired to get into a role that would involve interaction with different teams to better achieve business goals and my role in DevOps thus stands out the most. 


What is something you love about working at IMS? 

One thing that I love about IMS is that the company cares about employee growth and development. Paired programming is one example where you get to share knowledge by working alongside experienced and newer employees. I also appreciate the fact managers personally mentor their team and provide feedback periodically as opposed to annually.   


What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is looking to start their career in coding? 

Focus on the fundamentals and always learn by doing, play with the code, tinker with it and experiment with new problems.  


What is one of the most important qualities you think a person should have when looking to start their career in coding? 

A strong desire to learn and critical thinking are a couple of qualities that will make you a good coder.