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14 September 2021

National Coding Week – Meet Aparna


For National Coding Week in the UK, we asked members of our global team some questions that we think give a great insight into what really excites them and what they are looking to achieve.



First up is Aparna Sridhar who is a Junior Software Developer working out of our Waterloo, ON office.


What got you interested in coding?
Curiosity. It forms the basis for the inception of inventions. The same curiosity lit the wick in the candle of my learning when I first got my hands on a digital calculator which in turn evoked an attraction towards science and technology. I was enamoured by Mathematics and Computer Science, which forms the backbone of science and technology, propelling me to explore further.  


What do you feel is your greatest achievement?
My thirst for knowledge made me pursue a Masters’ degree in Applied Computer Science far away from my home in India. While this is a big milestone in my career, there is still a lot to learn and achieve.


What is something you love about working at IMS?
The friendly nature of the team, a great work-life balance and of course the birthday holiday!


Can you think of one piece of advice for someone looking to start their coding career?
Nothing comes easily, don’t give up on your first try.


What would you say is one of the most important qualities for someone to have in coding?
Decisiveness. You need to have the ability to take a call on an important subject and own up to it.


Have you got anything else you would like to say to someone thinking of starting their career at IMS?
There is no time like now to start your career at IMS and be part of the revolutionary change in automotive industry!



Visit our careers page, or email to see what opportunities we currently have open, and stay tuned for more updates this week!