Open Source & 3rd Party Software Attributions

Version 3.3Version 3.0

Version 3.3

Android 3rd Party Components – v3.3 as of 2018-07-31

Component Information License
Android Volley 6.0.1_r16 – 20160313 Source Apache v2.0
Android Support Library 27.0.2 Home (Source) Apache v2.0
Apache Commons Lang 3.7 Home (Source) Apache v2.0
Apache Commons Collections 4.1 Home (Source) Apache v2.0
Commons IO 2.5 Home (Source) Apache v2.0
Libphonenumber 8.9.6 Source Apache v2.0
Gson 2.8.2 Source Apache v2.0
SimpleCropView 1.0.16 Source MIT
Calligraphy 2.2.0 Source Apache v2.0
View Pager Indicator 2.4.1 Source Apache v2.0
Android Beacon Library 2.13.1 Source Apache v2.0
Android Async Network & Image Loading 2.2.1 Source Apache v2.0
Tinylog 1.2-beta1 Source Apache v2.0
nv-websocket-client 1.30 Source Apache v2.0
Mapbox Android SDK 4.2.1 Source Commercial License
mapbox-android-geocoder-1.0.0.aar Source Attribution License
MPAndroidChart 3.0.2 Source Apache v2.0
Firebase 16.0.1 Home Commercial License
Kotlin Standard Library 1.1.2-5 Home Apache v2.0
Google Maps Android API Utility Library Home (Source) Apache v2.0
Simple Logging Façade for Java (SLF4J) Home MIT
Mixpanel 5.1.4 Source Apache v2.0
Picasso 2.5.2 Source Apache v2.0
Picasso Transformations  2.1.2 Source Apache v2.0
retrofit-2.0.0-beta2.jar Source Apache 2.0
okhttp-2.5.0.jar Source Apache 2.0
okio-1.6.0.jar Source Apache 2.0
guava 25.1 Source Apache v2.0
P Source Apache v2.0

Android SDK:
dnsjava 2.1.7 Home BSD

iOS 3rd Party Components – v3.3 as of 2018-07-31

Component Information License
ActionSheetPicker 3.0 (2.3.0) Source BSD
AFNetworking 2.6.3 Source License
AlamoFire 4.7.3 Source License
iOS:Charts 3.3.1 Source Apache v2.0
CleanroomASL 2.1.3 Source MIT
CleanroomLogger 7.0.0 Source MIT
HALO iOS Framework 0.1 Home Apache v2.0
iRate 1.12.1 Source License
JTCalendar 2.2.1 Source License
JVFloatLabeledTextField 1.2.1 Source MIT
Kong Framework 1.0 Home Apache v2.0
LGSideMenuController 1.0.10 Source MIT
Mapbox iOS SDK 4.2.0 Source License
Mapbox Geocoder 0.9.0 Source License
Mixpanel 2.4.4 Source Apache v2.0
PhoneNumberKit 2.1.0 Source MIT
Samus 1.1.2-rc2 Source MIT
SLExpandableTableView 1.3.1 Source License
StarScream 2.0.2 Source Apache v2.0
TPKeyboardAvoiding 1.3.2 Source License
UICKeyChainStore 2.1.1 Source MIT
ZipArchive 1.0 Source License

Reachability.swift 2.3.3 Home MIT
GzipSwift 3.1.5 Home MIT