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IMS One App Express

Get to market with a UBI program in just 90 days.

UBI does not have to have to be an operational undertaking or cost burden. Nor does it need to take months, or even years, to get to market with a competitive, differentiated program that drives results. Best of all, it’s not too late to launch your own program this year!

With IMS One App Express, you get all the benefits realized by the largest global insurers, and without the hassle and cost. Start providing an exceptional customer experience and unmatched levels of engagement. Get to market in just 90 days with an app that provides your organization with data-driven insights. And the best part? This is your opportunity to compete on a level playing field with the largest and most successful insurance telematics programs in market.

At IMS, we have over 10 years of experience optimizing direct- to-consumer insurance telematics propositions leveraging the latest in mobile telematics technology. The results speak for themselves, and our years of work are optimized in technology you can use today. Our insurtech is designed to help you truly connect with your customers to change driving behavior, reduce road risk and deliver better outcomes for you – and them. IMS One App Express enables you to create a brand differentiated mobile telematics program with the industry’s most engaging experience to drive true driving behavior modification.

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Try IMS One App Express and unlock the incredible benefits of:

  • Get to market in 90 days

  • Launch a fully optimized and engaging program

  • Realize low costs, low risk and low resource requirements

  • Receive proven, best-in-class technology backed by an expert and experienced team

  • Compete with the largest, most successful programs in market

IMS One App Express delivers on the promise of being the premier, most comprehensive solution to accelerate the launch of your UBI or mobile insurance telematics program.

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