The only fleet solution that rewards you for improving fleet driving safety with the right sized fleet management tools you need!

For a limited time only, TrackMRI is being offered at no-cost to AmGUARD Insurance Company (a member of Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies) Commercial Auto policyholders with fleets of 3 or more vehicles.

As a fleet manager, the challenge to find a fleet solution for your organization is daunting – even more exasperated by being flooded with technology solutions that attempt to provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach with a list of complicated bells and whistles that will never be used. As a result, many organizations and fleet managers have had to compromise by purchasing and deploying fleet solutions that do not fit their real criteria. Furthermore, most fleet solutions focus only on vehicle usage and management but fail to holistically look at the big picture, including driving behavior and safety when managing fleet costs.

TrackMRI purposefully places a significant emphasis on analyzing and reporting on fleet driver behavior, while providing the essential fleet management tools you need. The solution translates driver behavior into insights and actions that help you coach drivers to be safer and smarter while on the road—which also translates into significant savings in vehicle maintenance and fuel costs for commercial fleet organizations. As a right-sized fleet management solution, it includes an easy-to-use fleet management portal, device logistics support and hands-on customer support. Fleet drivers get regular real-time feedback and insights to continuously improve driving behavior and, appraise and safety. Fleet managers have the ability to improve driver behavior and realize cost savings at every stop alongthe way – it’s the best of both worlds.

Delivering Success

Optimize the performance, safety and cost of your fleet

Using TrackMRI, fleet managers benefit with:

  • Improve Fleet Driving Safety

    Help reduce accidents with the only technology solution optimized to encourage safer driving practices with feedback and coaching to avoid risky behaviors and unsafe vehicle operation. Monitor and review key driver scores and behaviors including acceleration, braking, time of day, day of week, cornering, speed, distracted driving, mileage and garaging location.

  • Reduce Costs and Improve Process

    Increase operational efficiency and performance by reducing claims and costs through data insight that encourages safer driving practices, minimizes fraudulent claims and ensures a safer operating fleet on the road.

  • Easily Manage Their Fleets

    Base fleet management system to help fleet managers better control costs and associated productivity. Fleet Management capabilities involves: asset tracking, vehicle tracking, location information and vehicle identifying data.

Get Full Visibility

Collaborate more effectively to cut operational costs and improve productivity

TrackMRI – What’s Included:

  • In-vehicle Device

    Flexible In-vehicle Device (Plug & Play OBD)

  • Fleet Management Tool

    Fleet web-based management tool optimized for mobile use

  • Reporting Tool

    Robust reporting suite for both vehicle usage and driver behavior analysis

  • Logistics

    Full logistics support

Fleet Managers Portal Overview:

  • Fleet Dashboard

    Fleet Dashboard shows the overall fleet driving behavior score and other score like Speeding, Braking and Acceleration

  • Trip Details

    Trip details will cover information on all the trip details like Speed, Distance, Events and View on maps

  • Fleet Productivity

    Fleet reports will provide a detailed view on Fuel Consumption, Idling time, Fleet Utilization