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Improve Loss Ratios and Simultaneously Encourage Safe Driving Practices

Engage and Modify Driving Behavior with a Rewards Approach that Really Works!

Auto insurers are experiencing significant new challenges and facing new competition with their book of business and digital insurance programs, especially at a time as high customer expectations and demand for customer-centric product innovation and streamlined digital experience continue to grow. Motivating drivers to improve their driving behavior and follow safe practices has always been a challenge for insurance companies, despite efforts to apply sound data analytics for better-managing risks.

Did you know that a solid rewards program can be the glue that makes for a successful digital insurance program?

Research firm Leger states that 55% of Millennial believe some type of rewards would keep them most engaged and is a key driver for active participation in loyalty programs, as well as make them feel appreciated by a business. For insurance companies, despite best efforts to motivating drivers, only those insurers who can successfully run a well-designed telematics and loyalty program can ensure their rewards program serves as a true catalyst to help engage and establish safer driver behavior modifications.

While tangible rewards are a usage driver for insurers to deter bad driving behavior while mitigating risk, insurers that also apply creditable telematics data to business decision-making and enhance communication delivers the value that customers, especially millennials, are seeking and will earn the loyalty and trust of their customers. Some insurers have tried creating rewards programs as incentives for policyholders to change poor driving behaviors, but elusive rewards, payback programs, and uninspiring cash incentives failed to elicit much driver enthusiasm in these programs.

If you are experiencing any of the following challenges, an IMS Rewards-enhanced program can be right for you:

  • Driver Engagement: Finding ways to engaging drivers to encourage safe driving and improve loss ratios.
  • ROI: Difficulty justifying the investment in proven technology, reasonable costs, and results/outcomes backed by solid analysis.
  • Motivation and Behaviour Change: An existing reward program that is not changing poor driving behaviors – due to many reasons such as poor UX, elusive rewards payback schemes and uninspiring cash incentives that fail to elicit driver enthusiasm.

Capitalizing on Your Customer Relationships with an IMS Rewards-Enhanced Program

Creating lasting customer relationships and delivering the value of telematics data as a mechanism for both intelligently improving loss ratios and simultaneously encouraging safe driving practices for your digital insurance / Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) programs is key to business growth.

IMS offers a DriveSync platform-based rewards program that provides a policyholder experience to make your technology investment a success.

The following items are what makes us best:

  • Outcome-Based Rewards: A proven rewards approach that motivates desirable customer behavior and action.
  • Redemption: Tangible and accessible variety of rewards/prizes for safe driving versus elusive rewards, payback programs, and uninspiring cash incentives that never materialize.
  • Integrated Approach: User-trusted data/feedback.
  • Easy and Intuitive Engagement: Customized rewards program with an engaging user experience that not only delivers value but aligns perfectly with your brand to help retain policyholders.

IMS Rewards Key Features for Insurers

Build and run successful best-in-class loyalty programs without the complexities with these key features:

  • Fast Time-To-Market. Smooth System Integration

  • Scalable Rewards Program for any Size

  • Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

IMS Rewards Key Benefits for Insurers

Our rewards solution offer you outstanding results with these comprehensive benefits to help meet your critical business objectives:

  • Client Acquisition and Retention

    Provides insurers with a tailored rewards program to better match customers’ needs. Instantly recognize and incentivize frequent safe driving behavior to establish loyalty and brand advocacy.

  • Reduce Claims

    Use insurance telematics and rewards technology to improve loss ratios, reduce accident frequencies, and incentivize drivers to adopt safe driving habits.

  • Demonstrate commitment to environmental stewardship, safer driving, customer satisfaction and technology advancement.

  • Actual Driver Behaviour Data

    Improve your program performance by leveraging quality insurance data and rewards analysis to learn and understand actual driver behavior to boost desirable driver behavior and actions.


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