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Datasheet VDX

A Transformation is Happening

Mobility providers are currently grappling with the cost and complexity of accessing data from large fleets with a diverse mixture of brands, models and telemetry technologies. As a result, too much time and cost is being spent on building bespoke data access solutions, distracting mobility providers and slowing down advancements in revenue-driving customer experiences and services, as well inhibiting additional investments in operational cost reduction and efficiency benefits. Further compounding the challenge, many fleet-based organizations, such as leasing organizations, are looking to solve specific problems using limited data, but the ROI does not justify the cost of aftermarket solutions including telemetry device installation.

At the same time, insurance carriers around the world are also seeking further cost effective ways to gain insight about existing and prospective policyholders. Both personal lines and commercial lines providers are looking for data solutions to obtain vehicle and driving insight, such as receiving vehicle mileage and garaging locations, and are open to new ways of accessing this data – whether direct from newer telematics-embedded vehicles or from older vehicles benefiting with aftermarket data collection options.

Additionally, governments are envisioning a future with simple access to connected and automated vehicles to fuel road usage charging and smart city iniatives, but lack a practical and cost-effective means to reach this future state.

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