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Telematics is Transforming Lease

An overwhelming majority of lease companies currently use extremely reactive and error-prone information-gathering methods to run their operations – including contacting fleet managers and drivers for manual mileage readouts, using historical averages, or applying fixed schedules by date only. In these cases, historical information and estimations too often replace actual in-life data for determining accurate oil changes, vehicle service and warranty service requirements.

Having real-time, in-life access to mileage driven and driving habits can completely transform your operations. Real-time telematics data can put you in a knowledgeable position to identify drivers who are overdue for service, including warning light alerts, so you can proactively intervene to prevent vehicle breakdown and optimize fleet uptime. Accurate mileage reporting also helps ensure there are no surprises for either you or your customers at contract renewal, so you can pragmatically negotiate contracts in advance of renewal. Imagine other benefits of in-life, live access to data: Claims handling can be made more efficient. Real-time first notice of loss (FNOL) alerts issued can streamline processing. And stolen lease vehicles can be located and recovered promptly.

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