White Paper

Managing Natural Disasters Using Data Analytics and Insights

Learn How Governments and Insurance Companies Can Better Handle Natural Disasters Using Connected Car and Telematics Program Data.

Managing Natural Disasters

Executive Summary

Telematics data provides an abundance of information about large populations of drivers. This data can be used to analyze their collective behaviors and draw meaningful insights. This can be particularly useful for studying the behavior of drivers during a natural disaster. In this paper, we use telematics data to study the behavior of drivers impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We find that there is a clear change in the pattern of behavior during a hurricane.

Our analysis shows both a decrease in the number of trips taken and the number of drivers on the road during a hurricane. As well, we see a reduction in the amount of over-speeding and shifts in the types of vehicles used as well as the road types used. This analysis will enable governments to better allocate disaster relief resources as well as help to implement policies to lower mortality rates and injury in the event of a disaster.

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