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IMS SDK offers you even more flexibility when building telematics and connected car services into your new or existing app.


Executive Summary

A digital shift is generating disruptive forces across many industries, forcing organizations to re-engineer the way they do business and implement technology-based solutions that provide your users with increased customer value while improving your costs.

Leveraging telematics technology to collect data on all your drivers enables you with the necessary insights to better understand your drivers, helping you plan new product and services, including new pricing models. In turn, your business benefits with better control of costs, improved customer retention and acquisition, while engaging end users with the value most suited for them.

Critical to any effort is the speed and efficiency at which you can get to market and begin either collecting data, or offering new technology-based products and services. Building a successful program from the ground-up is very time and resource intensive, expensive and overwhelming given the number of technical hurdles and obstacles to overcome. And, offering yet another application for yet another program, or to simply collect data, might not result in the best experience for your users. Is there a way to take advantage of the expertise of a market leader to build your own bespoke application, or integrate technical know-how into your existing in-market application?

Presenting the IMS SDK offering you even more flexibility when building telematics and connected car services into your new or existing app. Complete with supporting documentation, sample and reference code, the necessary APIs, and developer support assistance.

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