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IMS Insurance Telematics Programs at a Glance

Accelerate your telematics transformation with the data source agnostic platform that does it all!

Datasheet Programs at a Glance

The transformative digital age has already disrupted many industries from music to car sharing and banking – now is the time for insurance. As a result, organizations are re-engineering the way they do business and implementing telematics-based solutions equipped with connected car services that provide their users with increased customer value. The net result is more loyalty and safer drivers.

We believe in taking an active role in developing insurance telematics services that increase customer profitability and maximizes a customer’s lifetime value, allowing both insurers and policyholders to benefit in a viable way.

Built on our leading DriveSync connected car platform, explore fresh approaches of data collection for acquisition, retention, safety and risk mitigation programs for insurers and their policyholders.

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