White Paper

The top 4 ways to boost engagement and ROI for insurance telematics programs

How customer engagement stands at the forefront of a successful UBI proposition.

The top 4 ways to boost engagement and ROI

Telematics-based insurance and UBI programs are now well established around the world. In what is now a highly competitive market, however, success is not guaranteed. To boost brand loyalty, and program ROI, insurers must consider new ways to engage auto insurance customers.

For any insurer, a telematics program represents an essential investment. Yet like any investment, it can still fail to achieve its desired outcomes if it is not managed in the right way. Crucial to the success of these programs is the modification of driver behavior, driven by the necessary levels of policyholder engagement and correct program usage that results in safer driving behavior and increased program ROI. The question many insurers now face is not why seeking better program engagement is needed, but how.

Fortunately, there are proven methods, even tools, to achieve this. In this whitepaper, we unpack the top challenges UBI programs face, then look at how the key drivers of engagement can be leveraged to encourage policyholders to drive more safely.

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