It is with great pride that we announce our inclusion in the 2024 E2E Tech 100, in association with The Independent. The E2E Tech 100 shines a spotlight on innovators and changemakers across the UK, highlighting their drive for positive change and their significant contributions to the tech industry.

“We’re delighted to receive this recognition and fully support the E2E Tech 100 initiative, which shines a light on the quality and achievements of tech enterprises that are founded in the UK. Our inclusion is a testament to the exceptional international talent that works hard every day to make our customers successful, drive our global business growth and make the world’s roads safer.” said Andrew Brown-Allan, Executive Vice President at IMS

The selection criteria for the E2E Tech 100 are grounded in substantial turnover growth in recent financial periods, underscoring E2E’s commitment to recognising and celebrating standout tech enterprises. The list honours the innovative spirit of tech organisations across diverse technological domains. It features UK companies that not only excel in their specific sectors but also show consistent employee growth and spearhead transformative business strategies within the tech industry.

The E2E Tech 100 stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial excellence, meticulously compiled with endorsements from reputable organisations such as Experian and Go Live Data. This esteemed list showcases UK-based tech enterprises that have demonstrated exceptional business growth, notable revenue increases over the past two years, and robust business models, positioning them for a bright future.