IMS, part of Trak Global Group (TGG), has agreed an international strategic partnership with the telematics hardware provider Meta System.

The partnership establishes Meta System and IMS as reciprocal preferential partners at European level and will have Italy as its initial area of focus, where the company IMS Italia was recently established, and where Meta System occupies a market leading position.

Meta System’s growing investment in devices for electric vehicles and the future of electromobility is also well-aligned with the emerging demand that IMS is experiencing for connected vehicle data to power the evolution of its customers’ insurance and mobility programs.

IMS will draw on Meta System’s extensive experience in the design and implementation of telematics hardware. Mauro Cantoni, CEO of IMS Italia, explained that the partnership gives IMS immediate access Meta System’s self-install battery-powered black box, which represents a significant majority of the installed base of insurance telematic boxes in Italy.

“Working with Meta System is a really important step for us in Italy. The battery-operated black box is quick and easy for the policyholder to self-install, and this removes cost for the insurer (a saving which is usually passed on to the customer). We will use this proven technology in Italy, but it also opens up opportunities across the rest of Europe, including the UK, where most telematics hardware is professionally installed at a cost of £ 40-60 per device. If insurers eliminate the high cost of installation, they will gain a big price advantage and help make telematics-based insurance more attractive to larger segments of the market. ”

Commenting on the partnership, Sergio Tornetta, telematic sales director at Meta System, said “IMS is a pioneering company in the connected car and data analytics space and our partnership comes at an exciting time for our industry in light of growing customer demand for UBI and connected mobility post-pandemic. The partnership has enormous potential, thanks to the international footprint across which IMS operates. Combining our hardware expertise with IMS’s proven platform opens up many opportunities for delivering world-class solutions today, and exciting innovation in the future. ”

Mauro Cantoni added: “This is a very positive move for both sides. It immediately takes us to the sweet spot of black box technology initially in the Italian market, but beyond that we will offer customers and prospects a combined breadth and depth of capability that is hard to beat.”



Information on IMS (Insurance and Mobility Solutions)

IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions), part of Trak Global Group (TGG), is a global provider of connected car solutions, services and analytics to insurers, mobility operators, OEMs and governments. IMS is the developer of the cloud-based connected car platform IMS DriveSync®, which has received industry acclaim for its ability to offer customers a multi-device, source-independent strategy through which data can be brought to market a multitude of B2B and B2C proposals.

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Information on Meta System

Meta System is a company specialized in the design and production of advanced electronic systems for the Automotive and UBI markets.

Meta System’s telematics partnership with insurance companies began in 2002, and has led the company to become a pioneer in the UBI sector.

Meta System’s 48 years in business have been rich in ideas, innovations and the development of its know-how in energy conversion to keep up with the evolution of electronic technology applied to cars, at this time of transition to sustainable mobility.

Meta System has the expertise that makes the company as a major supplier to Europe’s leading car makers active in the electric car sector.

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