I’m Andrew Brown-Allan, and I’m the Group Marketing Director at Trak Global Group, a UK company that uses telematics technology to help make the roads safer.

One of our co-founders, Kamran Mahmoudzadeh, tragically lost his 18 year old son Anoush in a road traffic accident over a decade ago, and this has been the ‘moral compass’ that has guided the work we’ve done to improve young driver road safety since our company began.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve been working closely with Highways England, DVSA and driving instructor associations to create a smartphone app for learner drivers, called PaceNotes.


More road-time, less risk

We developed the PaceNotes app to provide learners with a tool that encourages them to spend more time learning to drive. It tracks and shows the amount of time a learner has spent driving on different road types and records the driving conditions they’ve experienced, such as driving in the rain or in the dark.

By tracking the learner’s experience, the app records their driving achievements and highlights the areas they still need to cover. We want to help change learners’ attitudes towards getting on the road as a qualified driver. Most want to pass their test quickly and are unaware of the skills and knowledge needed to be a safe, responsible driver that can only be gained through extended time behind the wheel.

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