Young drivers can earn e-vouchers and discounts on their premiums with the launch of Quotemehappy Connect, a new app-based car insurance proposition which rewards safe driving.

Aimed at young drivers aged 17-29 years old, Quotemehappy Connect provides customers with a weekly driver rating – red, amber, green or gold – and a breakdown of their driving behaviours, with green and gold-rated drivers earning reward points which can be exchanged for e-vouchers.  Drivers with an amber or red rating will be given personalised advice on how to improve their driving.  Customers can also view journey ratings, allowing them to get real-time feedback on their driving for a particular trip.

Motorists using Quotemehappy Connect will also receive a personalised renewal price based on their driving behaviour, which could allow young drivers to save money and reduce the cost of their car insurance.  The safest drivers, achieving a ‘Gold’ rating, could earn up to 30% off their renewal premium.

Unlike some traditional telematics policies which use black boxes, Quotemehappy Connect combines app-based technology with a small windscreen-mounted device to record driving behaviour. Customers pair their mobile phone with the device in their car and the app starts to monitor driving behaviour from the outset.

The app records speed, smoothness (including braking, cornering and accelerating), usage (time and frequency of journeys), and distraction (mobile phone use). Drivers are given regular advice on areas where they can improve their driving and move up the ratings to start earning reward points.  The app also provides top tip videos on specific driving behaviours such as harsh braking or cornering.

Commenting on the launch of Quotemehappy Connect, Matthew Washer, head of connected motor at Aviva, said: “Traditional black box telematics insurance policies have become an established way for young drivers to monitor their driving and reduce premiums. However, technology has moved on and the new app allows drivers to monitor their driving without the need for a black box to be professionally fitted to their car.

“Many young people want to demonstrate they are safe drivers, and the app allows them to do this in a simple and easy way by working in the background every time they drive.

“With the squeeze on household budgets set to rise further, motorists will be looking for ways to reduce the cost of their car insurance. Quotemehappy Connect allows young drivers to stay safe on the roads whilst helping to keep their insurance costs low with a price that is individual to them, rather than ‘people like them’.

“By providing weekly ratings and regular personalised advice on their driving, young drivers can understand which areas of their driving they can improve. Importantly, if a driver falls into the amber or red zone, the app will provide advice on specific driving behaviour, such as sudden acceleration, which allows them to improve their driving.”

Quotemehappy Connect provides young drivers with comprehensive car insurance for vehicles that are 20 years or younger and worth £70k or less.  Motorists can earn reward points for safer driving which can be exchanged for e-vouchers from many leading brands.

Quotemehappy Connect has been developed by Aviva in partnership with telematics specialists, IMS.  Speaking about the partnership, IMS chief executive Paul Stacy said: “For this new partnership, we are making a decisive break from ‘black boxes’ – generally used by young drivers – to a smartphone app connected to the IMS Wedge Bluetooth device.  We’re excited to be working with Aviva at a time when the advantages of connected insurance for all drivers are becoming ever more apparent, and look forward to working with Aviva in the coming months.”

Quotemehappy Connect is available to buy direct or via price comparison websites. Quotemehappy Connect complements other Quotemehappy motor insurance products including Quotemehappy Essentials and Plus.


More information about Quotemehappy Connect can be found at Young Driver Insurance ( and safety videos can be found at Safe Driving App (