Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – June 20, 2022 – IMS, the leading global vehicle and driving data business, is Aviva Canada’s partner behind the launch of Aviva Journey, a new app-based telematics product for the Canadian auto insurance market.

Aviva Journey, currently distributed via brokers in Ontario, will help safe drivers significantly lower their premiums. The app is downloadable to a smartphone and customers signing up immediately qualify for a 10% saving on their auto insurance.

“Our IMS One App mobile telematics technology enables Aviva Canada to collect data insights as well as deliver meaningful engagement with their policyholders using the Aviva Journey app,” said David Lukens, Senior Vice President for North America Sales for IMS. “The app collects extraordinarily rich data to help Aviva truly understand how customers are driving, and to link safe driving to financial rewards.”

The cost of driving has risen in recent months, but the technology powering Aviva Journey will help drivers lower insurance premiums in return for safe driving.

“Our connected insurance technology enables policyholders to help combat inflation, and with products such as Aviva Journey, policyholders can have the ability to benefit from lower premiums,” continued David Lukens at IMS. “The technology continues to be embraced by more experienced drivers who want a more personalized approach to their auto insurance, including those looking to keep their premiums under control.”

“The spirit of collaboration between Aviva and IMS leading up to the launch was strong. This has resulted in a really sensational and engaging mobile app-based product, which has been well-received by our broker partners and customers.” said Phil Gibson, EVP and Managing Director, Personal Insurance at Aviva Canada. “During the build and test phase, we were able to act on feedback from both our brokers and early adopters, and make improvements to functionality in partnership with IMS, with the collaborative goal of creating an outstanding customer experience. The early feedback has been very positive, and we are all very excited by the prospects for Aviva Journey in building a strong market presence across the Canadian market.”

“App-based telematics has evolved into a truly engaging customer experience, thanks to rapid developments in mobile telematics capabilities since 2020,” continued David Lukens at IMS. “Personalized premiums based on behavioral data is at a tipping point for mass adoption in North America and abroad, and we are proud to be at the forefront of the movement. This latest connected insurance offering, developed for Aviva, is another big and important step forward for telematics-based insurance in North America.”

Canadian drivers based in Ontario can immediately reap the benefits of Aviva Journey today by contacting their broker or going to https://www.aviva.ca/en/journey for more information. Additionally, auto insurers can learn how they can use IMS One App to configure their own telematics app, or leverage the SDK with their existing insurance app, to deliver their own engaging, personalized experiences to their policyholders by visiting: https://ims.tech/oneapp.