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Mobility Solutions

Reducing risk & driving operational efficiencies

Since our first day in business, we’ve worked with shared mobility operators to help them succeed. From traditional vehicle rental firms to ride hailing start-ups and leasing providers, our partners now use our connected solutions to optimise their operations and reduce risk, even creating disruptive new business models and customer experiences.

Bringing together a data source-agnostic platform and a suite of managed and professional services, our solutions offer real flexibility in the fast-evolving world of connected fleets. And through our work with governments and vehicle OEMs, we are now actively helping to shape the future of connected mobility.


Measure usage and risk through vehicle and driving data.


Feed back, reward and engage with drivers to influence behavior and reduce risk.


Deliver successful propositions by optimizing user experience, reducing costs and improving performance.


Our solutions give you the information you need to monitor and respond to everything from driver behaviour to damage resulting from accidents, theft or tampering. It’s the next best thing to omnipresence.


Measure usage of vehicles and drivers, from location, mileage and trip tracking to complex driver behavior and distraction measuring, developed from decades of leading data science.


Detect and track vehicle theft, tampering activity and diagnostic and service codes for maintenance management.


Leverage contextual data to enrich findings and use tools like geofencing and alerting to turn usage information into actionable insights.


Receive instant alerting when a vehicle has had a collision, including minor impacts, and access detailed information on what happened.


Imagine if all the data your business generated was actionable. With a suite of APIs, portals and apps designed to make every number count, your business will benefit from more communication and better information – for employees and customers alike.


Present usage and driver behavior data back to drivers as well as fleet and risk management teams through our suite of apps, web portals, APIs and SDKs.


Drive engagement and actively manage risk with multi-channel automated messaging and intervention.


Reward safe driving behavior, loyalty or usage through our unique rewards platform, built in-house in partnership with leading mobile voucher providers.


Engage with our consulting services to see how we could help you streamline your business processes and develop truly innovative products.


Ensure you deliver successful products by shaping propositions that work for end users and intermediaries, as well as your bottom line.


Optimize performance and results with our engagement analytics services and world’s-first What If? telematics simulation platform.


Deliver a seamless and enhanced customer experience by working with our specialised UX, UI and Design teams.

Damage Costs

Reduce claims costs with bespoke tools and services to go beyond accident detection and optimize liability assignment, claims handling and speed of resolution

Road Usage Charging

Shaping the future of surface transportation

Alongside our activity with fleets and shared mobility providers, IMS is the proven global leader in road usage charging services. With increasing demands on road infrastructure and dwindling fuel taxes from fuel-efficient vehicles, governments are now investing in alternative revenue opportunities to help fund transportation infrastructure projects. As a leader in secure, scalable and compliant road usage charging technology, IMS has established a sustainable, accurate and cost-effective program, and has so far provided services to all large-scale road usage charging initiatives in North America.

Download the IMS Road Charging Datasheet