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Vehicle Theft is on the Rise

The challenge of vehicle theft continues to plague the mobility industry – notably rental vehicle, car clubs, ride sharing, corporate lease and other fleet-focused businesses. In the area of rental vehicle alone, the pace at which rental cars can be stolen is part of the explanation for rising thefts in Europe, as well as North America. Between 2015 and 2018, 92,000 rental car thefts occurred in the US, based on data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau. California is at the top of the list of thefts with 18,000 taking place during that period.

In 2019, there were 113,000 vehicle thefts in the UK, with professional criminals who steal cars-to order using highly sophisticated technology to do so – and with single vehicle recoveries often leading to even more organized crime. In the corporate leasing sector, as reported by, nearly 10,000 vans and commercial vehicles were stolen in the UK in 2018, representing a 45 percent increase over the previous four years, with London and West Yorkshire as hot spots for rising theft.

The IMS Vehicle Security Solution is the only complete, one-stop vehicle security solution for rental vehicle, car clubs and other fleet-based organizations. Only IMS offers a fully managed solution backed by over a decade of vehicle security experience. Going far beyond standard vehicle tracking, the IMS Vehicle Security Solution uses predictive analytics and machine learning to identify early-stage behaviors that suggest inappropriate usage and impending criminal activity.