Insurance Telematics Solutions and Services that Monetize Your Entire Book of Business

Accelerate Your Telematics Transformation

The transformative digital age has already disrupted many industries from music to car-sharing and banking – now is the time for insurance. The reality is that this digital shift is resulting in new and better solutions as well as new and better ways to do business – the result: more value to the consumer. This comes at a time when consumer satisfaction with insurers is at an all-time low with high turnover, low trust, and ultimately no loyalty with insurance organizations. Using technology enables you to offer greater value; build trust with policyholders; and provide rich, engaging experiences that can “Uberize” the industry.

As a result, organizations are re-engineering the way they do business and implementing telematics-based solutions equipped with connected car services that provide their users with increased customer value. The net result is more loyalty and safer drivers.

Turn Data into Opportunity

You can confidently identify and act on insights to help your business thrive by leveraging IMS Insurance Telematics capabilities to collect and analyze data of all your automotive policyholders – across your entire book of business.

Gain the Necessary Insights to:

  • Better understand your drivers
  • Help you plan new products and services
  • Assist with the creation of new pricing models including risk assessment and policy premiums

Benefit an Organization Through:

  • Better control of claims costs
  • Improved customer loyalty and retention
  • Increased acquisition
  • Rich engagement of your policyholders

Emerging Trends – Overview of Industry Factors and Trends Shaping the Global Automotive and Insurance Sector

Social Trends:

  • Connected lifestyles
  • High mobile penetration
  • IoT proliferation
  • Millennials now a significant market segment
  • Asset sharing vs. owning
  • More openness to new ways of doing things

Automotive Trends:

  • Cars always connected with no subscription
  • In-vehicle access to connected services
  • New safety technologies
  • Autonomous functionality
  • Multi-usage cars
  • Multi-driver cars

Insurance Trends Telematics:

  • Lower entry costs
  • New digital insurers
  • Driver-centric policies
  • Disruptive insurance products
  • Insurers as tech companies
  • Blurring of traditional market boundaries

Connect With All Your Policyholders. Anytime. Anywhere.

IMS Insurance Telematics provides every policyholder with a mobile telematics app (white-labeled) that enables valuable insurance and driver services at limitless scale and increases speed to market in ways traditional programs and infrastructure cannot touch.

  • Collect high-quality driving data from all users
  • Provide an easy to use mobile telematics app for insurance and driver services
  • Develop and sell innovative insurance products and connected driving applications
  • Obtain with no fixed monthly costs or device investment
  • Introduce vehicle services with add-on telematics devices
    • Customized user experience to meet client objectives and needs
    • Personal driving apps to increase engagement and adoption
    • Mobile SDK & APIs that are available for integration into client apps

Increase Your Customer Base and Grow Your Entire Book of Business — RISK-FREE

Get, keep and grow customers with IMS Insurance Telematics. Our innovative and unique model for deploying and managing connected car insurance services increases customer profitability and maximizes a customer’s lifetime value, allowing both insurers and policyholders to benefit in a viable way.

What’s Included:

Reach more of your potential and existing customers effectively across multiple channels and devices without any challenges.


Gain enhanced capabilities by extending the functionality of IMS Insurance Telematics with relevant add-on services.

Contact us to learn more about the various insurance telematics solutions, services and capabilities available through IMS.


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