IMS Masterclass: What can insurers learn from digital transformation and personal data sharing in the banking industry? (On-Demand Webinar)


It’s widely regarded that the digital transformation of the banking industry has been the standard bearer in the eyes of the wider financial services industries, and the outcome of this transformation has resonated deeply with consumers.

A recent study in the UK revealed that 85% of 18-24yr olds and 79% of 25-34yr olds routinely use mobile banking apps, and 81% of all adults say that the quality of online experience determines who they bank with. The world also continues to move towards Open Banking,  where account holders give consent to their bank to access personal financial and transactional information from other institutions in return for a slicker online experience and more personalised products. There are over 4.5 million regular users of open banking in the UK, with c. 1 million new adopters being added every 6 months.

In this exclusive 30-minute IMS Masterclass Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The art of the possible for further digital customer experience transformation in insurance
  • Methods for how the large incumbents are addressing the threat presented by challenger banks
  • Best practices from the banking industry on navigating privacy concerns
  • Ways to build value propositions that promote the sharing of data in return for access to highly-personalised but mass-appeal products
  • Opportunities that exist for cross-industry collaboration