White Paper

IMS Distracted Driving Insights Report

Not only is driver distraction on the increase, but drivers are taking the highest levels of distracted driving risk when driving distracted.


Executive Summary

While it is clear that distracted driving has become a growing societal challenge, even displacing impaired driving as the number one cause of deaths, very little is understood about the underlining driving behaviors associated with distracted driving. The objective of the IMS Distracted Driving Insights Report is to fully understand how serious the problem of distracted driving has become from a driving behavior risk assessment.The IMS Distracted Driving Insights Report analyzes aggregate driving behavior data collected across connected car and telematics programs powered by IMS – enabling a statistically significant sample size for analysis. The IMS Distracted Driving Insights Report is based on an analysis of representative samples of our collected driving data, which aggregated includes over 5 trillion data points, 7 billion minutes of driving and 4 billion km of driving.

For further detail of the IMS Distracted Driving Insights Report, the results can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Summary Insights Infographic
  2. IMS Distracted Driving Insights Blog Post