White Paper

Full NDA Report: Comparing Smartphone Sensor Data in Crash Scenarios

Comparison of Mobile-only vs Mobile + IMS Wedge data


Reliable data is vital to intelligent underwriting in the insurance industry. From the instant a vehicle engine starts to the moment it is parked, you can collect a wealth of data on vehicles with telematics capabilities and, more importantly, you can record the actions of the driver behind the wheel. This data can become the cornerstone of claims handling, from simple first notice of loss (FNOL) to maintaining control of repair costs, settling claims more quickly and predicting liability assignment. The relevance of this data can vary depending on the sensors used. For the purposes of this report, the mobile phone itself, including aftermarket hardware connected wirelessly to the phone, are the focal point of testing.

For this analysis, IMS performed crash testing of standalone mobile phones against mobile phones with a sensor (the IMS Wedge) to explore the suitability of the resulting data for use in claims-based telematics applications. The overall aim is to help educate auto insurers on the pros and cons and differences between data from mobile-only versus mobile + add-on sensors to help insurers select the right sensor configuration for their claims or FNOL focused program.