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Data-Agnostic Collection Options – Connected Car and Telematics-based Programs

Complete Choice of Data Collection Options for your Entire Book of Business.


Your end users are a mixture of different demographic segments with varying vehicle types – and definitely showcase many differences in driver behavior. As a result, your entire book of business is not the same – so why should your technology and data collection options be limited by your vendor.

IMS’ award-winning DriveSync® platform is 100% data source agnostic, meaning it works with a wide variety of sensors for data collection. From smartphones and OBD devices to self-powered devices and hardwired boxes, it collects and processes data to support your connected car and telematics-based programs. It’s even future-proofed to work directly with built-in OEM systems, including the next evolution of data sources.

Now you can use one platform across your entire book of business, delivering programs and services using the technology options that make the most sense for your users – and not based on the data collection limitations of your service provider.

IMS has a futureproofed sensor strategy, developing capacity across the range of data sources to be optimally positioned for the future:

  • Highly agile and flexible model ideal to win new business as well as react to shifting market dynamics.
  • In-house expertise in sensor development drives better control of costs, higher data quality and increased flexibility.
  • Unique in-house expertise in data modeling and applications across a wide range of sensors.