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Insurance Solutions

A modular platform for connected insurance

If you’re an auto insurer looking to reduce risk, increase customer participation and make a real difference to your bottom line, our solutions will deliver everything you need. Together, our highly configurable platform and our managed and professional services represent the world’s most complete usage-based insurance solution, affording unparalleled speed to market without limiting your flexibility to create your own programs and, crucially, build IP.

IMS DriveSync is compatible with telematics data across all device types, from plug-in hardware to mobile apps and embedded telemetry within vehicles. In addition to underpinning the award-winning Carrot Insurance program, the platform has already been adopted by numerous insurers, such as Zurich and Nationwide, and auto manufacturers, including Volkswagen and Fiat.


Measure usage and risk through vehicle and driving data.


Feed back, reward and engage with policyholders.


Deliver successful programs by optimizing user experience and underwriting performance.


Knowledge is power. By monitoring the wealth of data generated by your policyholders and their vehicles, you can react faster, plan better and create even smarter new products.


Detect and track vehicle theft, tampering activity and diagnostic and service codes for maintenance management.


Leverage contextual data to enrich findings and use tools like geofencing and alerting to turn usage information into actionable insights.


Measure usage of vehicles and drivers, from location, mileage and trip tracking to complex driver behavior and distraction measuring, developed from decades of leading data science.


Kickstart the FNOL process by receiving instant alert when a vehicle has had a collision – even a minor impact – and access detailed information on what happened.


In the insurance world, value is often created in real time. That’s why our platform and services enable you to react instantly and automatically to customer actions, improving the experience of policyholders and the efficiency of your business.


Present usage and driver behavior data back to policyholders, agents and management teams through our suite of apps, web portals, APIs and SDKs.


Drive engagement and actively manage risk with multi-channel automated messaging and intervention.


Reward safe driving behavior, loyalty or usage through our unique rewards platform, built in-house in partnership with leading mobile voucher providers.


Our consulting services help you continue to raise the bar for your business, improving existing processes and revealing opportunities for entirely new propositions.


Ensure you deliver successful programmes by helping you shape propositions that work for your end users and intermediaries, as well as your bottom line.


Optimize performance and underwriting results with our engagement analytics services and world’s-first What If? telematics simulation platform.


Deliver a seamless and enhanced customer experience by working with our specialised UX, UI and Design teams.

Claims Costs

Reduce claims costs with bespoke tools and services to go beyond accident detection and optimize liability assignment, claims handling and speed of resolution.

End-to-end partnering

UBI that delivers ROI

Whatever your objectives, we work with you to build programs that deliver safer, more engaged drivers, and better insurance outcomes. Across personal and commercial lines, our flexible solutions leverage the best available methods of vehicle connectivity and user interaction to drive unparalleled results for our clients. With over 8 years of data and learnings from running our own Carrot-branded UBI programs in the UK, and a highly-specialized team of analytics, marketing and UX professionals, we offer our clients privileged access to the expertise and science required to make their programs stand out from the crowd.