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Based in a bespoke innovation hub in Manchester, UK, the IMS Labs team provides end-to-end support to our clients globally, assisting them both before and beyond the points at which most technology partners are able to engage. From product & proposition workshops, market research and UX design at the beginning of the journey, to marketing, digital optimization and analytics services once a product is in market, IMS Labs works closely with clients to ensure programs are both innovative and successful.


Product incubation

Bringing innovation to life

IMS Labs is also a center of excellence for nascent product innovation, taking propositions to market to generate invaluable insights for IMS partners. We incubate our own IP as well as collaborating with other organisations, from start-ups to government bodies.


Better Driver is an app-based personal lines usage-based insurance product, launched in the UK in 2015 by Carrot Insurance. One of the first smartphone UBI programs in the world, the Better Driver app pairs with Bluetooth in-car or via a beacon for additional data fidelity, and leverages weekly rewards and leading user engagement to influence driving behavior.

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appy fleet

Appy Fleet is an app-based fleet telematics solution focused on improving driving behaviour through high engagement. Launched by IMS Labs in 2017, it comprises of a driver app and online management dashboard, and is still one of the only smartphone-based fleet telematics products in the world.

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Pacenotes is a learner driver app that sets out to motivate newly-qualified drivers to become safer prospects post-pass, via the incentive of lower-cost insurance; coupled with a connected portal that enables driving instructors to create more bespoke tuition programmes for their learners. Launched in Q3 2019 by IMS Labs, it was developed in conjunction with UK government agencies and is set for large-scale adoption.

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