Beacon FAQs


I am seeing a Connect Your Vehicle pop-up message in the app. What does this mean?

In order to correctly associate trips taken with the correct vehicle, all vehicles on your account must have a connector device associated. This message will appear until you associate a connector device to all of your vehicles.


Does the Beacon use batteries?

Yes, the Beacon has a small battery inside. The battery is not user replaceable. Under normal circumstances, the beacon battery is expected to last several years. If you suspect the battery has stopped working, you can contact support for a replacement beacon.


Why do I need to have Bluetooth active on my phone?

The Beacon broadcasts a Bluetooth signal that your phone can detect in order to identify the vehicle you are in. For this to occur, you must enable Bluetooth on your phone.


Will the Beacon interfere with my Car Audio or Entertainment connection?

No, you can still connect your mobile phone to your car’s audio or entertainment system as well as the Beacon.


Do I have to affix the Beacon to my windshield?

Yes, the adhesive on the Beacon is recommended for glass. Affixing the device to other surfaces in your vehicle may result in damage or marring of that surface.