12V Connector FAQs


I am seeing a Connect Your Vehicle pop-up message in the app. What does this mean?

In order to correctly associate trips taken with the correct vehicle, all vehicles on your account must have a connector device associated. This message will appear until you associate a connector device to all of your vehicles.


Does the 12V Connector use my car’s battery when the car is off? Some 12V sockets are powered when the vehicle is off and some are not. If the 12V Connector is plugged into a socket that is powered when the vehicle is off, it will use a negligible amount of power. However, if you have another device plugged into the USB port of the Beacon Connector (for example, a “Dash Cam”), that device may draw significant power. It is recommend you disconnect any device from the USB port when you shut off your vehicle if the 12 V socket is always powered.


How do I know if my 12V socket is always powered?

With the 12V Connector installed, the LED will flash slowly with the vehicle turned off if the 12V socket is always powered. If the socket is not always powered, the 12V Connector will flash slowly after the vehicle is started.


I have multiple 12V sockets in my vehicle. Does it matter which one I use?

No, you can use whichever socket is most convenient.


Does the 12V Connector need to be connected throughout the trip? Yes, the 12V Connector remain connected throughout the entire trip to ensure the vehicle is correctly associated.


Why do I need to have Bluetooth active on my phone?

The 12V Connector broadcasts a Bluetooth signal that your phone can detect in order to identify the vehicle you are in. For this to occur, you must enable Bluetooth on your phone.


Will the 12V Connector interfere with my Car Audio or Entertainment connection? No, you can still connect your mobile phone to your car’s audio or entertainment system as well as the Beacon Connector.