Does the app work on tablets?

The app is optimized and targeted for smartphones. It might work on tablets, but they are not supported devices.

What should I have turned on or off for the app to work?

Turned on:

  • Location Services
  • Wi-Fi
  • Motion and Fitness (iOS only)

Turned off:

  • Airplane Mode

How do I uninstall the app if I no longer want to use it?

Uninstall (delete) the app as you would any other app. When the app is deleted, all the data from the smartphone is deleted.

About the Data and Battery

Will the app use up my data plan?

Minimal amounts of data are sent. The approximate monthly usage depends primarily on the amount of driving and how often you are accessing the app.  The current amount of data sent is roughly 3.5 KB per minute of driving. If someone drives 30 minutes per day and 20 days per month, the data transmitted is roughly 2 MB for the month. The default is to use Wi-Fi, if available, before using mobile data.

If using a mobile data plan is a concern, you can set the trips to upload over Wi-Fi only.

To upload trips over Wi-Fi only for Android:

  1. Click Settings in the app.
  2. In the Trip Recording section, select the Uploads.

To upload trips over Wi-Fi only for iOS:

  1. Click Settings in the app.
  2. In the Trip Recording section, turn on Only upload over WiFi.

How are scores calculated?

The scores are weighted on driving behavior related to acceleration, braking, speed, cornering, distracted driving and length of trip. Individual subscores are combined into a total score.

How is the data processed and stored?

While the vehicle is being driven, the app captures data about the trip by receiving signals from GPS satellites. After every trip, the app uses Wi-Fi (if available) or mobile data connections to seamlessly and automatically upload (transfer) the accumulated trip data to a secure telematics hub for processing. If there is no connection available, transfer of collected data is delayed until the connection is available.

Does the app consume a lot of battery power?

The app uses the phone’s GPS during driving. Battery consumption is comparable to other apps which use GPS.

How long will the trip data remain on my phone?

Once the trip data is uploaded to the telematics hub, the trip data is deleted from the phone. However, scores and other trip information stored in the telematics hub can still be viewed on the phone. When viewing the mobile screens, as with some apps, some of the information is cached to improve performance.

Using the App

How do I start recording each trip?

The app uses your smartphone’s sensors to automatically start and stop recording each trip.

What is the impact of changing the Role?

Only trips taken by the Driver will be counted in the scoring. The app will automatically detect whether the phone recording the trip is a Driver or Passenger. The app requires a learning period to increase accuracy.

You can change the Role for a configurable number of days after the trip.


Why are trips not recording as expected?

Trips may not have recorded because:

  • You were not logged into the app at the time of the trip.
  • The battery level was below 15% at some time during the trip.
  • Smartphone settings such as Location Services were not turned on during the trip.
  • The trip was too short.