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26 November, 2020

Schedule a meeting with Tim Spreadbury, Head of Claims, Carrot Insurance at Insurance Innovators on November 26th to talk about how advances in telematics and mobility technology can accelerate your business.

We are committed to the success of your organization. Our insurance and mobility programs and services have a long, successful history of exceeding customer expectations. Our capability spans product design through to data analytics, and our market-leading mobile app technologies mean our core Group companies are ideally placed to capitalise on the convergence of OEMs, insurers and consumers around both connected car and new usage-based mobility models.

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Tim Spreadbury, Head of Claims, Carrot Insurance is proud to be speaking alongside Val Uvarov, Head of Claims, Zego and Andrew Fairclough, Global Head of Claims Operational Excellence, Zurich on Creating the optimal claims experience: technology + human in Episode 8 on Thursday 26th November 2020 at the Insurance Innovators Digital Summit 2020.


Tim Spreadbury

Head of Claims, Carrot Insurance

Val Uvarov

Head of Claims, Zego

Andrew Fairclough

Global Head of Claims Operational Excellence at Zurich

Panel Discussion:

· Striking the right balance: how can claims technology be used to drive operational and cost efficiencies as well as to meet customer needs?
· What is the most effective way of combining digital-first technologies and human-centred solutions?
· How can claims departments create a smooth transition from virtual assistant to human agent?
· From FNOL to settlement: how can the power of virtual assistants be harnessed in claims?
· Compassion and virtual care: what is the future of emotionally intelligent tech in claims?
· Will call centres operated by human agents be made redundant by new tech?