IMS Products And Solutions For Car Clubs

Adapt to the future of shared mobility with rich data to improve operations and customer experiences.

As consumers around the world become more conscious of the environment, private vehicle ownership is declining, in favor of car clubs peer-to-peer car sharing and other carsharing companies. However, to deliver user experiences that will help them compete, these organizations must make optimal use of the connected car data that is available to them.

Current challenges Car Clubs are facing include

  • Vehicle Security & Theft

    A reliable mechanism for confirming the location of vehicles parked in the incorrect parking bays is a continual issue often resulting in the vehicle being towed and impounded. Remote access technologies have made vehicles more vulnerable escalating the problem of theft, which is compounded as thieves discover new ways to circumvent security systems.

  • Unreported Accidents & Accident Detection

    Long-standing problems exist around unreported accidents taking place during vehicle use and vehicles are frequently dropped off without the owners or operators being able to inspect them upon return. Insurance claims, including issues of fault, can create complexities for car clubs trying to accurately re-create any incidents or accidents that take place while the vehicle was being driven or if it was damaged or stolen in a parking area.

  • Vehicle Usage & Maintaining Customer Experience

    Because of the rapid turnover of drivers, daily or hourly use of vehicles in car clubs or car sharing services pose a difficult challenge: keeping vehicles in service as much as possible. Ensuring the car’s availability is key as drivers seeking to make money by including their vehicle in a shared mobility program need assurance that the car will be there when they need it. Delayed drop-offs can impact customer experience if no car is available and can cause car clubs additional costs.

  • Driving Behavior

    Driver behavior is a growing concern for car clubs. All too often, people rent cars and drive them irresponsibly, lend them to non-members or damage them in ways that they do not report. Reckless driving behavior can lead to increased maintenance and service costs and bad publicity for the brand and might mean cars are out of service, ultimately delaying hires and affecting customer experience.

IMS Products & Solutions for Car Clubs

Many of the challenges facing car clubs can be met using connected car data and telematics innovations. With decades of experience, IMS is the only provider that truly understands your car club business – including how to make your car clubs operations run better.

The following telematics-based services and solutions are available to Car Club customers:

IMS Vehicle Data Exchange

With IMS’s industry-leading Vehicle Data Exchange, you can connect any vehicle in your car club with live access to full vehicle insights directly from all supported automotive branded vehicles – or any combination of aftermarket data sources for older vehicles or those not equipped with embedded telematics.

Best of all, we are on the only expert providing all aftermarket data collection options, meaning no additional suppliers or partnerships to formalize and manage.

Get live intelligent access to vehicle data and insight including:

  • Odometer and location
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle health and warning lights
  • Servicing, warranty and recall alerts
  • Consumables such as fuel, EV state-of-charge and DEF
  • And More!

IMS Vehicle Data Exchange helps you track the state of vehicles including vehicle health, accurate milage reporting and has the ability for preventative and predictive maintenance so you can keep the vehicles in service, continue generating revenue and maintain customer satisfaction.

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IMS Vehicle Data Exchange

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Telematics Benefits to Vehicle Rental Companies and Car Clubs

IMS Connected Claims

Dealing with unreported accidents effectively is another fundamental challenge that includes finding ways to detect accidents, reduce claims expenses, accurately determining accident fault, and settling claims quickly and efficiently.

With IMS’ ground-breaking connected claims offering, organizations have a low-cost connectivity option to detect accidents, reduce claims shelf life, reduce claims costs, and optimize the uptime of vehicles.

IMS Connected Claims, ensures live accident detection and FNOL processing while uniquely delivering benefits and cost savings in the areas of claims handling and claims liability.

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IMS Connected Claims

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Zurich Insurance – a pioneer in deep use of telematics data in claims

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Improving Claims ROI and Claims Operations with Telematics Data

IMS Vehicle Security Solution

Rising instances of vehicle theft present a persistent challenge to standard car club services in many geographical locations. These thefts are often related to the side effects of touchless entry and automated services, as thieves are finding ways to hack keyless access systems and steal vehicles that are in unattended locations.

The IMS Vehicle Security Solution is the only one-stop, fully configurable vehicle security solution built for car club and carsharing organizations. With IMS, we offer the only fully secure and complete, managed service helping companies install, monitor, and when needed, recover vehicles – going far beyond standard vehicle tracking to include:

  • Choice of hardware
  • Geofencing and location
  • 24/7 call center monitoring
  • Recovery and repatriation services,
  • And more!

We cover the complete security needs of your business – with the ability for customers to also select and configure only the services they require.

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IMS Vehicle Security Solution

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IMS Vehicle Security Datasheet

IMS SDK + Driving Behavior

With the industry’s most configurable mobile app development framework paired with the IMS SDK, you can now access driver behavior insight, in addition to vehicle insight Visibility of high-risk driving behavior helps prevent accidents and claims while complying with customer experience responsibilities, plus, you are able to blacklist drivers who cause the highest risk. Additionally, safer driving practices translates into reduced wear and tear on vehicles ultimately protecting residual values of your vehicles and increasing vehicle uptime.

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IMS SDK Datasheet

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Onlia Sense – Telematics SDK Case Study

Benefits to Car Club Businesses

  • Optimize vehicle health and vehicle resource usage

  • Eliminate unexpected vehicle downtime

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Provide better customer experiences

  • Decrease accident rates, liability issues and claims shelf life

  • Reduce asset loss due to vehicle theft

  • Improve your book of business

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