Carrot Insurance recognized for focus on COVID-19 response with policyholders

Carrot Insurance has been listed as a top finalist for 2021 Personal Lines Broker – a recognition made this week by the British Insurance Awards because of Carrot’s strong and measured response to the COVD-19 pandemic.

Safer, better driving is the core of the Carrot Insurance young driver proposition, with COVID-19 adding a further dimension around the preservation of public health. Along with providing a full-service customer support via a digital contact centre during COVID-19, Carrot introduced enhanced measures for key and critical workers as well as financially vulnerable customers. These measures included free increases in mileage allowance, automatic cover for volunteers and personalized help for financially vulnerable customers. Carrot’s existing reward programme was also to support the government ‘stay at home’ message and reward customers at the same time.

The results highlighted the positive impact the new measures had with Carrot policyholders, helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 and encourage compliance with lockdown orders. The assistance and additional incentives resulted in 65% of Carrot policyholders not using their cars to make a single journey during the peak of the pandemic – a key achievement at a time at which the spread of COVID-19 was still increasing exponentially.

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About Carrot Insurance (Carrot)

Carrot Insurance (Carrot) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trak Global Group (TGG). In the UK, Carrot is an award-winning B2C telematics insurance provider, but the underpinning platform has now been made available internationally to enable any organisation seeking to take a UBI proposition to market to do so quickly and with a high degree of configurability.

By using telematics hardware and smartphone apps to provide feedback, messaging and rewards to incentivise better driving behaviours, the Carrot approach is proven to help reduce claims frequency – this in turn reduces insurance premiums for policyholders and increases customer satisfaction and reduces losses for insurers.

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